Blue Buffalo vs Beneful 2022

Difference: Beneful and Blue Buffalo Both Beneful and Blue Buffalo have recognized pet food brands, particularly in the dog food line of products. But what makes one better than the other? In dry dog food recipes, Blue Buffalo has more crude protein, crude fat, and crude fiber content compared to Beneful but in wet dog …

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What Human Food Can I Feed my Diabetic Dog?

Human Food For a Diabetic Dog

In a nutshell, human food with caloric limitation but contains high fiber and average in proteins and carbohydrates is healthy for your diabetic doggie. This food, combined with regular exercise, will assist in controlling the dog’s blood sugar. Like humans, our canine friends are also prone to most of the health conditions we undergo. Diabetes …

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Pros and Cons of Raw Dog Food Diet

Pros and Cons of Raw Food Diet for Dogs.jpg

Photo Credit: ReelRaw Are you contemplating feeding your dog some raw food but not sure of the pros and cons? In this post, I go into detail to share all the pros and cons of a raw food diet for dogs. We all adore our canine buddies, which means that feeding them quality food is …

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How to Store Dog Food

7 Tips for How to Store Dog Food How to Store Dog Food ,In case you are aware of how crucial it’s always to nourish your own furry friend together with dog food that is high-quality. But here Exactly as with Any Other food, pet foods Becomes rancid and may Even lose their freshness during …

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