Can Dogs Eat Rye (Rye Bread, Seeds, etc.)

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Rye in Dog Food If you’re unsure about the safety of feeding your dog rye bread with seeds, rye seed, or sourdough rye bread, this comprehensive grain guide will provide you with all the necessary information. I have specifically focused on rye as an ingredient in dog food, and hope it will empower you to …

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Rice in Dog Food

Overview of rice as a dog food ingredient in commercial food If you are considering grain-based ingredients for your dog following the FDA’s investigation that linked grain-free dog diets with the occurrence of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), then rice may be a good ingredient to consider. While many dog owners are hesitant about feeding their dogs …

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Monocalcium and Dicalcium Phosphates for Dogs

There is something very important about Phosphorus in regards to how much dogs need and how much they actually receive. Dogs, like other farm animals such as poultry, have been documented to be receiving significantly less phosphorus than they need. What they can get from greens such as vegetables is only 30% of what they …

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Dextrose: Is it Bad for Dogs?

Dextrose….is it okay for dogs to have it? Are they harmful…they are just glucose..they’re probably fine..but what amounts is acceptable…how about Dextrose in peanut that safe? These are all the questions any pet owner has to grapple with when it comes to dextrose. In this blog, we’ll explore what dextrose is, its benefits, and …

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Glucose Monohydrate for Dogs

Whether it is dextrose glucose or monohydrate glucose, it is essential to understand how these two different types of glucose can be used for dogs before purchase or administration. In this blog, we will explore what glucose monohydrate is, the benefits for dogs, the ideal dosage, its dangers, and how to use it on dogs. …

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