Blue Buffalo vs. Canidae 2022

Blue Buffalo vs. Canidae

Both Canidae and Blue Buffalo use excellent ingredients to make their pet foods which explains why they are among the most reputable brands in the market. But there must, however, be factors that make one better than the other. So, who wins in the showdown?

Blue Buffalo vs. Canidae Companies

Since its founding in 1996, San Luis Obispo, CA, the U.S. by John Gordon and Scott Whipple, Canidae has made a name for itself for the production of high-quality and reliable pet foods. In fact, the brand has very many positive reviews which would explain their fame in the pet food industry. They even have Canidae Farms where they grow their ingredients for making pet foods.

On the other hand, Blue Buffalo was founded more than a decade after Merrick in 2003 by Bill Bishop and in 2018, it was sold to General Mills. It is headquartered in Connecticut, USA but has operations in more than 5 countries.

Blue Buffalo vs. Canidae Ingredients

The two brands seem to tie with minimal difference in the dry matter basis of both cat and dog foods. Canidae has 0.7%, 1.7%, 0.8%, and 3.9% higher protein content in dry dog food, wet dog food, dry cat food, and wet cat foods. This gives it more nutritional value than Blue Buffalo. They use good ingredients but both have 4 common controversial ones. However, Canidae has 3 unique against Blue Buffalo’s 4 controversial ingredients in their diets. On the one hand, Canidae has been recalled once for salmonella contamination against Blue Buffalo’s 9 times.

Blue Buffalo vs. Canidae Pricing

And while their pricing is almost similar, Canidae’s wet dog food is very expensive compared to Blue’s.

Blue Buffalo vs. Canidae Comparison Table

FactorBlue BuffaloCanidae
TasteUses meats for great taste enriched with veggiesFocuses on real meats plus some veggies for a great taste
Nutritional ValueHigh-quality ingredients with zero fillers but has some ingredients that are very controversialReceives loads of positive reviews due to quality ingredients. Has higher fat and protein content.
Product LineSix product lines: Freedom, Basics, Veterinary Diet, Wilderness, Carnivora & TrueSolutions57 dog food products & 17 cat food products
PriceFairly costlyExpensive
SafetyVery many recalls, 9 to be exact (2007 – 2017 )One recall in 2016

Blue Buffalo Freedom vs Canidae Pure Elements (video)


Overall, both brands are good choices but we lean more on Canidae despite the high price tags due to the nutritional value and safety.