Blue Buffalo vs. American Journey

Blue Buffalo vs. American Journey

Both American Journey and Blue Buffalo claim to offer healthy foods for your feline and canine. And true to their word, they use premium ingredients with a basketful of health benefits to your pets. That, however, does not mean that they are equal. So, is American Journey better than Blue Buffalo?

American Journey is a pet food company that was founded in 2017 by Michael Day and Ryan Cohen which makes it one of the youngest in its industry. The brand is owned by Chewy Inc. which is among the largest pet products online stores.

Blue Buffalo vs. American Journey Ingredients

On the one hand, American Journey stands out on dry matter basis against Blue Buffalo which is why its foods have higher nutritional value. It contains 2.3%, 1.3%, 2.9%, and 8.1% higher protein content in dry dog, wet dog, dry cat, and wet cat foods, respectively. Both brands use premium ingredients but have 3 common controversial ones with 5 unique ones in Blue and 4 in the latter.

Blue Buffalo vs. American Journey Recalls

And while Blue Buffalo has been recalled 9 times, American Journey has zero recalls. After all, it is a baby in the field.

Blue Buffalo vs. American Journey Pricing

There is not much difference in their product prices anyway.

Blue Buffalo vs. American Journey comparison Table

FactorBlue BuffaloNutro
TasteUses meat, has tasty meals, but that differs based on recipesUse more meat with more protein content making tasty meals
Nutritional ValueNo fillers but high protein are available in one product lineNo fillers and it has more protein in all its formulas
Product LineSix product lines: Freedom, Basics, Veterinary Diet, Wilderness, Carnivora & TrueSolutionsLess than the competitor
PriceModerately priced & available in most stores onlineModerately priced but only available on Chewy
SafetyVery many recalls, 9 to be exact (2007 – 2017 )None


Overall, American Journey has the upper hand for having zero recalls but both brands use premium ingredients.